20 ‘Glee’ Storylines You Probably Forgot About

Glee 40 Questions Tag! Q1 My favorite male character would have to be Sebastian Smythe. Q2 My least favorite female character would probably be Sugar because I don’t really feel like she does anything. Q3 My favorite original song is Lose Like Me. Q4 My favorite season 1 episode is probably the first one. Q6 My favorite group number from season one is probably Don’t Stop Believing. Q7 My favorite couple on the show is definitely Kurt and Blaine. Q8 A tribute episode that I would like to see would probably have something to do with Mcfly or Busted maybe. Q9 My favorite season 1 duet is probably Finn and Rachel.

Glee 10/5 The Prom Episode

We never learned Mr. They practiced swaying back-in-forth on a nightly basis, truly believed that this group made them sexier, and at one point Will wore a fedora. He was fired from McKinley twice but he still managed to pop up every now and then. In order to raise money for the wheelchair accessible bus to get to the competition, the New Directions had a bake sale. Puck, however, wanted to prove to his baby mama Quinn that he could be a financially supportive father so he bought some marijuana from former McKinley teacher Sandy Ryerson and added the special ingredient to the cupcake batter.

#Glee 6×02 “Homecoming” – Quinn/// Currently watching this season and I’m sad its almost over. It would be cool if they brought back Jessie for an episode or two Find this Pin and more on Glee by Hailey Young.

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Hunting the Unicorn (T, Kurt/Blaine)

Edit It is revealed that over the summer holiday, Santana got breast implants in order to get more attention and increase her popularity. This shows that Santana isn’t as confident as she appears to be. This proves to be extremely effective as nearly all the guys that come across Santana become immediately hypnotized by her increased breast size. Santana seems pleased with the attention, except when those who are unattractive and unpopular are ogling her.

Yeah, Santana and Quinn are hooking up in an hotel room after getting drunk. We know that. Glee and lesbian stunts, it’s getting pathetic.

Glee perpetuates biphobic nonsense, water is wet Oh, Glee. So much to say, so little of it good. The show is regularly racist, sexist, ableist, and, really unexpectedly given the basic facts of the show, homophobic. Kurt said bisexuality is something gay guys made up so they could hold hands with girls and feel normal or something bye. By the end of the episode, after one date and one kiss, it was all resolved. Put down the pitchforks, friends. They also had Quinn engage in an incredibly well-handled hook-up with Santana in one of her season 4 appearances.

Santana bumbles her way through a conversation, mentioning that her ex-girlfriend Brittany was bisexual. Glee regularly sets up such wonderful teaching moments, and instead of bringing it home they often reinforce the underlying prejudice in the set up. Secondly, and far more egregiously, way to reinforced the stereotype that bisexuals are all promiscuous sluts, Glee. Glee said bad thing. Glee let bad thing just sit there like a shit nugget.

How many times has Glee been offensive this season? What’s up with the little cardigan Demi wore on the show?

fanfic: Have You Ever Done This Before

This is a very adult themed piece of erotic fiction and should not be read by anyone under the age of eighteen or by anyone who does not like hardcore descriptions of sex and violence. The people written about here would never act like this in the real world Cheryl Cole heard the thump, thump, thump dimly as if she was hearing underwater. She groggily shook her head to try and clear the fog that seemed to envelope her but immediately regretted that as her head throbbed in pain from the movement.

She struggled to recall where she was and even what day it was and…oh god! She managed to lift her arm and touch the body on her right and spoke.

This last option seemed the best fit for Santana — but then Naya Rivera was abruptly written out of the Season 5 finale, and by the time she showed back up in Season 6, that plot had been.

The Myers-Briggs Personality Types Of Hogwarts Professors 13 Sue Sylvester was the real star of the series Sure, Glee was about a group of teenagers who went on to become the award-winning singing sensations at their school, but they weren’t the real stars of the show. For those paying attention, the real star of Glee was Sue Sylvester. Part of this had everything to do with how actress Jane Lynch stole nearly every scene she appeared in as Sue, but there was also a real focus on her character, too.

Sue was always the star of the show, and it seems that she, along with the writers, knew it. A ccording to showrunner Ryan Murphy: Fox was not interested, and neither was I, in doing a show where people burst into song. Song numbers happened onstage as rehearsals or performances, or they existed as a fantasy inside one of the character’s heads. This is different from a Broadway style musical, where the musical numbers are part of the plot and move the plot forward.

Schuester wasn’t a great mentor advertising Will Schuester was a problematic character, although the series tried to depict him as the “good guy” teacher who could motivate students to do just about anything. In reality, he was a control freak. He was very specific about which songs the kids could sing, and mostly just picked songs that he liked, which is why they covered a lot of classic rock in their performances.

Schuester also had a terrible habit of making everything about him: He also took credit for much of the glee club’s success.

Quinn Fabray

March 18, at 7: I mean, has anyone ever considered what a mess of a hook-up map that would look like? So after sifting through all the love songs and heartbreaks and dating drama, HC has found 6 real-life takeaway points on love from Glee.

Artie receives a solo in Artie goes on party line with Mercedes, Tina, Kurt, Brittany, and Santana after Rachel notices that both Finn and Puck help Quinn get up when she slipped and begins to theorize that Finn might not actually be the father of Quinns baby.

Prom-asaurus Quinn and Santana have both been nominated for prom queen. In the choir room, Santana calls Quinn her home girl. They were both ordered the task to count the votes together so no sabotaging occurs and to make it fairer. Quinn admits she doesn’t trust Santana “and she definitely doesn’t trust me. Quinn tells Santana that she doesn’t feel right winning this title.

Santana then says she deserves it “With you being a cripp and all. During the song, Quinn stands with the support of Santana, starting to cry and putting her arm around her as they smile at each other. Nationals They have a special moment together before performing at Nationals and speak about how they started together and that they will end this together, Santana holds her hand.

Glee One

McHale described Artie as a “nerd” who loves the glee club wholeheartedly and uses it as a form of escapism. In the third season, Artie, then a junior, directs the school musical and a television special featuring the glee club for the local PBS station. He also directs Grease along with Finn Hudson during his senior year.

He gets accepted into a film school in New York. He later starts dating Kitty, who encourages him to keep their affair secret.

They can’t even live together. Brittnay and Santana have only broken up due ot distance. Puck and Quinn went through a string of other love interests for 90% of their screen time and just.

That creepy math teacher? He’s always singing when he’s walking down the halls, Kurt commented and Rachel walked in and I groaned, hey guys did any of you think it was weird how puck rushed to Quinn’s aid in rehearsals yesterday? I think we’re supposed to get hot towels, puck said. Will you both just shut up! There’s just swear on the floor I just slipped okay! We we got to go, Mercedes said, we have to practice! I said and Artie,Kurt, Tina, and Mercedes walked out of the choir room. I looked at Rachel, it’s nothing rachel, their friends trust me I know, she’s my best friend and he’s my boyfriend, they would never hook up behind me back I stated and walked out of the room and walked down the hall.

Hold up Julia’s walked by, Mercedes said into her phone and I looked at her and she smiled, hey girls, Mercedes said and I walked by her and saw, santana and Brittany on the phone as well but I just kept walking. Shes gone, I know I screw up by telling you guys, I heard Mercedes said but I walked away and to my locker.

Glee – Quinn and Santana slap 4×08